I had a warm and fuzzy moment last weekend.
I was wearing my Glass at a restaurant and at the end of the meal a woman came up to me and said, “Really sorry to bother you, but my granddaughter’s really curious about your Google Glass.” Seeing that the girl was pre-teen, and as a female in tech, I was very happy to show it to her and her friends. They seemed really excited to simply see it, but then I think I made them super happy by letting them take turns trying it on and taking pictures. They were SO obviously excited and happy and repeated said “This is so cool! Thank you thank you so much!”
Contrast that to the earlier moment where a man first asked me “Are you recording now?” I showed him how a light turns on when I record so it’s quite obvious to anyone looking. Then he asks, “If someone’s walking down the street with Glass and recording, can I sue him?” which really baffled me. Why would someone using Glass to record a video in public be any different than someone using a phone or camcorder? Hidden cameras are far from new tech. If someone wanted to record you secretly, there are far more subtle ways than WEARING A CAMERA ON THEIR FACE, like using any of these.

Back from Greece

It finally happened. After decades of wanting to go to Greece, I finally went. I saw the acropolis, the Parthenon, the one remaining pillar of the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus – and so much more in the company of wonderful friends. This trip exceeded my expectations. It was great that I visited London in May to see all the bits of the Parthenon and Acropolis that had been “curated” in England. The islands were so beautiful and at times the water was so intensely blue it seemed fake.

It was even better that our friend P. is a classical scholar who would read the ancient Greek and Latin inscriptions and give us more insights into what we were seeing. This trip could not have taken place at a better time – when else would I have the chance to travel with with friends who loved ancient history and mythology as much as I did, and with our very own scholar in tow?

In other news… We finally did it. We bought our own house. Moving in’s been a slow process, but it’s exciting and sometimes I still can’t believe it’s really mine. Nor can I believe the huge debt. No way that’s a real amount of money.

Wartron: Car Rides

On our way back from the Berkeley hunt, I was in the car with some veteran puzzlers who had some great anecdotes about The Game(s) of yore. One thing that surprised me was the wish for car time that was purely driving and anticipation. In all the driving hunts I’ve done (mostly Decathlons and Dr. When) we’ve always had something to do so time/puzzle ration was as close to 1 as it could be. We never felt like we were wasting time and it did make long drives way more exciting.

During Wartron, there was hardly anything to do on the drives, and to my surprise, I really appreciated it. My team and I could relax and enjoy the music. The driver probably didn’t feel left out of the solving. I could take notes and blog. We got to look out the window at some stunning scenery.


The password for the posts that require a password is “omgwtfbbqwartron!!!” and I only did that to prevent accidental spoilers in case of future recasts.

Avoid reading anything with spoilers if you want to play this in the future, as a recast is being planned for the Boston area.

I had a fantastic time at Wartron. This was my second overnight game (the first was Dr. When) and I played as a Haberdasher with Richard, Francis, Ederlyn, and Cosmin.
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