I had a warm and fuzzy moment last weekend.
I was wearing my Glass at a restaurant and at the end of the meal a woman came up to me and said, “Really sorry to bother you, but my granddaughter’s really curious about your Google Glass.” Seeing that the girl was pre-teen, and as a female in tech, I was very happy to show it to her and her friends. They seemed really excited to simply see it, but then I think I made them super happy by letting them take turns trying it on and taking pictures. They were SO obviously excited and happy and repeated said “This is so cool! Thank you thank you so much!”
Contrast that to the earlier moment where a man first asked me “Are you recording now?” I showed him how a light turns on when I record so it’s quite obvious to anyone looking. Then he asks, “If someone’s walking down the street with Glass and recording, can I sue him?” which really baffled me. Why would someone using Glass to record a video in public be any different than someone using a phone or camcorder? Hidden cameras are far from new tech. If someone wanted to record you secretly, there are far more subtle ways than WEARING A CAMERA ON THEIR FACE, like using any of these.