The password for the posts that require a password is “omgwtfbbqwartron!!!” and I only did that to prevent accidental spoilers in case of future recasts.

Avoid reading anything with spoilers if you want to play this in the future, as a recast is being planned for the Boston area.

I had a fantastic time at Wartron. This was my second overnight game (the first was Dr. When) and I played as a Haberdasher with Richard, Francis, Ederlyn, and Cosmin.

I brought our BITE device back and going through TSA was quite an experience… I thought for sure when TSA took me to a special room for further frisking and swabbing that it was because of the BITE. As it turns out, it was because there were traces of nitrates on me. (Or it could have been a false positive…) They start going through my luggage and everything’s good in the backpack and it’s all normal. Then they open the carry on bag and there’s BITE sitting on top of everything. I had taken the batteries out already, so it wasn’t blinking, but TSA looks at the exposed board and the duct tape and goes “What is this?!?? What’s the thing sliding around in there?? We’re going to have to scan this again!” And then they look through my bag even more and pull out cable after cable, our car’s brick of a power inverter, extra cellphones, lots of envelopes and papers…

Meanwhile, Richard and Francis are sitting out there laughing at me because they also think they know exactly why I got pulled over for a visit to the special room.

In retrospect, I kind of wish I hadn’t taken the battery out and that BIGMAC had chosen to send an alert. I had about 4 hours to kill at PDX, after all…

On the other hand, I have an idea for a new website: Puzzler or Terrorist?, similar to “Computer Scientist or Serial killer” and “Hot or not,” using photos of people holding BITE.