The Niu PhD

I’m done. All the paperwork and all that – DONE. I’m officially Dr. Niu now, but not the useful kind of doctor who can save your life. I’m the kind of doctor that could possibly help you troubleshoot your computer problems.

So I’m off to China on the 14th before I start the next stage of my life – employment with Yahoo. This academic year’s been very travel heavy. Let’s see (for those trips that required a plane ticket)…

– Multiple trips to Seattle for interviews
– NYC in November
– Singapore and India in April
– Denmark and Germany in May (with an accidental excursion into Sweden)
– Boston in June

So that’s 4 countries, 3 american cities so far. This was probably my last year to travel as freely as I did… once I start working all this can no longer be. Siiiigh.

It’s been a good year though. Next year, I foresee a lot of Boston in my future. :)