1. omg, congrats yuan! that sounds amazing!!! good luck with wrapping up grad school… can’t believe it feels like middle school was yesterday, lol.

  2. Hi Yuan,
    This may sound a bit odd to you, but please keep reading, I swear I am not pulling your leg!
    My name is Ashley and I am with a wholesale art gallery and frame shop located in Orlando, FL. I am currently working on a senior living project in Wellesley, MA and I have been scouring the internet looking for good photos of Wellesley and the surrounding area. I would like to add a few pictures of the college, but with releases and expenses, I have convinced my client to stick to town photos versus spending the money on paying the college to use theirs.
    I came across your Picasa site and really like some of the photos you have posted there, and was wondering if you would be willing to communicate with me further with the possibility of using your imagery for this project.
    My e-mail is ashleyb@hg-arts.com and my company website is http://www.hg-arts.com – please feel free to visit the website to further prove my honesty.
    I really hope to hear from you soon!

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