Thanks to my awesome friends, I’m the proud owner of a 3G Kindle (grey). I’m extremely happy with it – I’ve been using the kindle app on my Android for some time now to read. Using the kindle itself is soo much nicer because there’s no glare and it’s about the size of a book. I got the lit cover, so my kindle is protected and is able to power its own reading light. :)

What I love especially are the screensavers. It seems to be an automatic thing – because the kindle doesn’t actually use power once it displays a page (oh the magic of e-ink!), it’s extremely battery efficient and so after a certain time of no activity detected, the kindle will automatically put itself to “sleep” by displaying an illustration. Usually it’s a picture of an author, but there’s old timey illustrations as well. It’s quite fun.

I’m currently reading “Wives and Daughters” by Elizabeth Gaskell and “Pillars of the Earth” by Ken Follett. In the old fashioned paper book world, I’m rereading “I, Claudius.” I would be reading it on kindle, but apparently doesn’t think Americans are cultured enough to warrant electronic versions, though they have no such reservations for the

The majority of the books I have are from the public domain – I am a poor grad student after all, so why would I pay for books when there are so many good old classics out there? Among my ambitions are to pick up my French reading skills again. I’m going to reread Candide. I did it in high school, so let’s see how much I can remember.


  1. Do you love your Kindle!?? Would you recommend it?? I’ve been contemplating getting once since the new version came out but I can’t seem to decide! I love the feel of books but I hate having to carry a bunch around whenever I travel. Also… am afraid that the Kindle bookstore may not have all the books I want / like to read! Any advice for me? :D

  2. I do love it my kindle! Reading in bed is really great. The kindle bookstore is pretty awesome, but you can also look to Project Gutenberg and other sources for stuff you want to read… The kindle’s compatible with a lot of different ebook formats. The only thing I miss is being able to flip back and forth between sections in a book quickly.

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