Major ones:

  • Saw Maroon 5 live in concert, thanks to Mike.
  • Had a visit from Anita :)
  • Proud new owner of espresso machine. currently enjoying Peet’s Arabian Mocha Java blend. Almost done with that bag and moving on to italian roast next.
  • Won a bag of rice from spinning the wheel at Mikuni’s on my birthday. Wooo! A Bag of Rice! (Seriously, with the price of rice going up, that’s an AWESOME prize. The server tried to tempt me away from it with a BEER GLASS. As if a Mikuni’s branded beer glass could trump a bag of rice. Pshaw.)
  • Baked a very chocolatey cake. Not as good as what I remember from my childhood… but still yummy. Finished it off tonight with some green tea ice cream and matcha powder.