waiting to leave…

I’m back in Palo Alto for another two days before I leave for Japan and Korea.

I drove back most of the way, with Mike sitting in the passenger seat risking life and limb to make sure I didn’t freak out or do anything bad. This was my first long distance trip on the freeway. I probably should have done something like this as a teenager, but driving never did and still doesn’t hold any interest for me. I still don’t like to drive.

Do people really find driving aimlessly relaxing?

Tomorrow I’m to pick up some groceries from Ranch 99 when Mike and I go to Cupertino village for lunch. We’ll make a quick trip to Stanford shopping center where I’ll head straight to Travelex and avoid other distractions. :-P I’m bringing him home to finish season 4 of the Wire and have dinner. (We’ll have to put off season 5 until we’re both done with summer internships, alas!) Sarabi will be so excited to see him, because she knows he’ll give in to her begging eventually. Mwahahhaa only my mother can tell Sarabi “no” and have my not-so-little puppy obey.