trivia awesomeness

Last night was An’s birthday. We went to Mikuni‘s to celebrate. Their BBQ white tuna with the red or white sauce is the most awesome deliciousness… EVER.

After food, we came back to the apartment to continue the birthday fun with some Cranium Turbo. My team was lagging so much in the first half and then all of a sudden we caught up and overtook the other two teams. We won. People left, but we tried Scene It anyway (2 girls vs. 3 guys) and we won again. (in case of confusion, I was on the girls’ team.) The guys really REALLY wanted to win, I suppose, so they started playing again against us and were winning initially, but then we caught up and beat them thoroughly.

Tonight was trivia night at the Silo… our team, The Traveling Salesmen (you won’t truly appreciate that name unless you’ve studied a bit of algorithms), won. Woo!