boston games

The Internet is an awesome thing. Thanks to the xbox 360 and the speed of cable Internet, I’ve been able to play Halo 3 with the Boston people. This time it’s not quite as pathetic as when we started playing and Max mercilessly slaughtered everyone (except Mimi). It’s pretty awesome on my end, because I don’t have to share the screen with anyone. (AHAHAHHAHAHAHA)

They taunted me last night by telling me about the asian cakes they were eating. Booo! Boo! I demand cake as well! Perhaps I’ll take a small trip to Kim’s Mart for some of that green tea pastry thingy or head over to Ciocolat to see if they’ve got any hazelnut cakes…

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  1. I heard that you were playing Halo 3 with Anita and kinda wished that I had xbox 360 and knew how to play. (;_;) I would learn how to play a violent game! To bond with you guys, anything!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

    The problem here is that there are beautiful little cakes and pastries pretty much everywhere, so you grow numb to it. @_@; Hm, plus it’s a bit annoying that they’re often sold at department stores and such where you can’t sit down and eat there.

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