summer days

It’s getting harder and harder to be open and bare my soul via this blog. As I get older and more entrenched in security I get more paranoid and less eager to share all but the superficial details of life with a world of strangers connected to the web. (Plus, I know you read this, Mom and Dad.)

That said… let’s go on to the banal details now. Summer’s here, and it’s unbearably hot in Davis. Luckily, this new apartment is rather cool so I’m not roasting as long as I’m here. I’m finally unpacked and all settled in, except I still have to connect my desktop computer to the internet.

This summer, I’m determined to learn to make desserts. And cook a lot more, which probably requires that I shift my schedule forward a few hours so i don’t drive my roommates crazy. It’s annoying to go to lab and the come home and go back again though, because Davis is disgustingly hot until maybe 8 or 9pm, at which point it turns pretty chilly.

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