off I go again

In a way, I vicariously indulge my desire to travel the world through conferences.

This time, my destination is the ever-so exotic city of Oakland for the annual IEEE Security Symposium. I suppose there is comfort in the familiar… and it says something about the quality of the conference if one holds it in Oakland year after year and everyone still shows up.

I started playing Counterstrike, mostly with Mike. It sucks starting out because I have no reflexes and he enjoys shooting me. Still, it’s pretty fun. We were playing with bots yesterday, as the terrorists (because being counter terrorist means you have to shoot people AND defuse a bomb, where as being a terrorist winning is much easier since you just have to shoot all the counter terrorists). So bots being bots, they weren’t all intelligent… and once I managed to get my paws on a shield it was pretty funny. The counter terrorist bots would just shoot, and since I had one of their shields they couldn’t really hurt me at all… so I’d wait till they had to reload and then shoot them. Or, Mike would follow me and I’d be in front with the shield. I dunno, for some reason I found that extremely amusing…